Oliver! - Pequot Lakes Community Theatre

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Oliver is a great show for a community theatre to produce because of the large cast that was a mix of children and adults. The actors told used the whole theatre to present the story of Oliver.
People tend to have a soft spot for the character Fagin. He's just trying to survive. He takes in the ragamuffin orphans and runaways and wants to protect them. He gives them a place to live and makes them feel like they belong. Fagin is a very funny man. He adds humor of the serious story.
Nancy played by Jenny Kiffmeyer was amazing. She had a great voice and made her character come to life with her stage presence. Nancy is fighting for survival and acceptance, giving herself to Oliver.
Oliver was played by Elaina Tanner. She fit the part beautifully. Her costume and hair went perfect with the energy she brought to the stage.
Kevin Yeager played Bill Sykes. He had great stage presence and was a force to be reckoned with.
Overall this play was a hit and everything fit well together. From the lighting to the sound to the set to the amazing actors. Oliver couldn't have been done better.

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