The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies at the University of Minnesota Welcomes You!

September 29- October 1, 2011
Maroon & Gold Room
McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak St. SE,
Minneapolis, MN 55455

This international symposium will address the role that literature, art and film have in the struggles against enforced disappearance, torture, degrading treatment, forced prostitution, human trafficking, violence against immigrants, gender violence, and feminicide. We seek to address the relations between artistic practices and struggles against impunity and between aesthetics and ethics, and to give visibility to current human rights concerns and to the design of practices of memory.

The symposium will gather an international group of guest speakers, in the areas of the humanities, the arts, social sciences, and Law, from the University of Minnesota, and from universities and organizations in the United States, Latin America, Portugal and Spain, to explore the relation between the arts and humanities in the struggles against impunity and in the design of practices of memory, as well as to foster a dialogue that could lead to an ongoing interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration inside and outside the university community.

Topics addressed may include but are not limited to:
● The impact that Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula have had in the articulation of human rights in international law.
● The relationship between artistic and literary practices of memory and the construction of a human rights imaginary
● Memory and struggles against impunity
● New challenges of memory and human rights struggles (gender violence, feminicide, human trafficking, violence against immigrants, disability and human rights)
● Ethical issues about the representation of human rights abuses
● New approaches to testimonial literature
● Memory, trauma and human rights

● University of Minnesota Imagine Funds, supported by a generous donation from the McKnight Foundation
● Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
● College of Liberal Arts
● Institute of Global Studies
● Global Spotlight, OIP's biennial focus on a region of the world and a pressing global issue.
● School of Journalism
● University of Minnesota Libraries
● And the following Academic departments: Sociology, Art History, Writing Studies, English, German Scandinavian and Dutch, Women Studies.

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