17 killed in Baghdad bombings and shootings

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A consistent string of bombs and shootings in Baghdad, near a revered Shiite shrine, killed 17 Saturday, according to the Star Tribune.

Within minutes of each other, the bombings, 500 meters from a shrine, intended to intimate Iraq's Shiites, but instead killed 11 and wounded 35.

The bombings also damaged local shops and buildings, which were especially busy today, with the Eid al-Adha holiday coming up in a week.

Ahmed Naseer, an owner of a stationary shop, claimed that when he came out of his store, he saw "burning carts and merchant stalls, and children crying and women screaming out of fear. The whole place was full of panic," Naseer said.

According to WSBTV, gunmen opened fire on a police patrol early Saturday, killing two policemen and wounding another. The policeman shot worked with the State Identity Directorate.

Later, near the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, gunmen attacked a police checkpoint where they killed three officers.

In eastern Baghdad, gunmen also killed a prison official in a drive-by-shooting.
Saturday marks Iraq's deadliest day since Sept.30, where 26 died from blasts that hit Shiite neighborhoods as well as Iraqi security forces.

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