Australian zookeeper crushed by elephant is 'stable'

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Australian zookeeper, Lucy Melo, is in 'stable' condition after being pinned by elephant calf Friday, according to CNN.

The 2-year-old elephant calf named Pathi Harn, thai for 'miracle,' pinned Melo to a post around 11:30 a.m. Friday when Melo was teaching the elephants how to wash, according to Global Post.

After two other zookeepers helped get the elephant off of her, Melo was rushed to Royal North Short Hospital where she had a cardiac arrest for five minutes.

Because it is unclear why Pathi Harn charged Melo, the Taronga Zoo in Sydney has launched an investigation to discover a possible reason. According to Global Post, the elephant calf may have been testing the authority of Melo.

"Our focus continues to be on the wellbeing of the keeper and supporting her fellow keepers," Taronga Zoo director and chief executive Cameron Kerr said.

While Melo, 40, remains in the hospital recovering, Pathi Harn, also known as Mr. Shuffles for his walking style, is back on show for zoo visitors.

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