Analysis: Biden shops at Costco, calls for extension of middle-class tax cuts

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In an Associated Press article published in the Star Tribune, author Matthew Daly covers vice president Joe Biden's speech at Costco, in which he calls for middle-class tax cuts.

In order to craft the speech, which could have turned into a boring subject for some readers, Daly made the story visual and fun. "'I'm looking for pies,' Biden announced as he began shopping, helped by Costco employee Ivey Stewart, who was steering his shopping cart around the store. Biden bought an apple pie, along with a stack of children's books, a 32-inch Panasonic TV, fire logs and other items. He said the books were intended for a Delaware charity supported by his wife, Jill," Daly said. This quote gives the article a more informal feel and allows readers to better relate to this important official.

Daly also chose to only quote Biden a hand full of times. His ability to translate Biden's speech into something many readers can comprehend is effective and not inundating the story with quotes is what allows more readability. One example is when Daly said, "Biden said Congress should act on the middle-class tax cuts before Christmas to spur consumer confidence and then fight later over tax cuts for families earning more than $250,000 a year."

Daly then follows up with a direct quote from Biden, giving his story credibility: "'We have a lot we have to settle, but there's one thing we should all agree on and that's the middle-class tax cut should be made permanent. I think it's important Congress acts now, I mean right now,'" Biden said at an impromptu news conference at the store, where he was surrounded by shoppers and employees eager to shake hands, take photos and even hug the vice president."

Daly also goes beyond the event itself by including important background details that readers may not have known about otherwise. "Biden and President Barack Obama have pressed Congress to extend middle-class tax cuts while raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, while congressional Republicans have pushed to extend cuts for all taxpayers," Daly said. This information gives readers who may not be as well-versed in politics a better idea of what Biden is speaking on.

Daly also includes, "Costco is opening at least three stores in the Washington area, and Sinegal said the company was 'looking forward to a reasonably good Christmas,' noting that sales were up 7 percent over last year in stores that had been open for a year," which shows how Daly interviewed several sources to get a well-rounded article.

Daly's ability to translate Biden's speech, give the story flavor with a variety of sources quoted allows for a well-rounded article for a reader who cares about politics but may not be an expert.

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