Clinton campaigns for Obama at the University of Minnesota

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In a last-minute attempt to win over the voters of Minnesota, former President Bill Clinton campaigned for president Barack Obama Tuesday at the McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota campus.

With less than a week away until election night, president Obama is doing all that he can to win votes. According to an article by the Pioneer Press, 1,800 people gathered in the Alumni Center on Oct. 30 to see the 42nd President speak. In his speech, Clinton highlighted Obama's successes and his intention to move forward.

Though some voters may be skeptical about Obama's direction as president, Clinton reinforced Obama's goals for the future, stating that the president been a good steward of the country and is more likely to help the middle class than Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Because Obama has been busy this week monitoring Hurricane Sandy that had devastated the United States, Clinton campaigned in swing states across the country.

Clinton made several points against Gov. Romney, who will be running against president Obama on Tuesday, criticizing his goals and policies. "Despite his 11th-hour conversion to moderate rhetoric and the debates," Clinton said, "Gov. Romney has not changed his position on the fundamental issues or his fundamental argument against the president: 'We left him a terrible mess; he didn't fix it all. Fire him and put us back in.' "

According to MPR News, president Obama has made a greater effort in Minnesota than his opponent, Gov. Romney. "Neither Ryan nor Romney has scheduled a campaign stop in Minnesota and the campaign has not opened a field office in the state. Obama's campaign has 11 field offices and more than 40 paid staffers," author Tom Scheck said.

Clinton's appearance at the University of Minnesota marks the first big-name campaigner since the Republican National Convention was held in St. Paul in 2008. Pioneer Press believes Clinton's visit is due to Obama's concern for Minnesota becoming a Republican state.

Clinton also paid a visit to University of Minnesota-Duluth afterward and plans to visit several other schools before election night.

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