Milly Dowler, possible victim in News of the World hacking scandal

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The News of the World hacking scandal continues to affect victims of tragedies around the world. Privacy and communication were now hand in hand as News of the World reporters hacked into voicemails to uncover fresh news. One victim in particular was a 13-year-old schoolgirl named Milly Dowler, who was murdered on her way home from school. According to an article by CNN, her parents were devastated with the scandal affecting their own tragedy.

Going back as far as 2005, News of the World reporters hacked in voicemails of important people in the public eye. Their invasion of privacy and ability to turn private information into public stories was a tragedy that still affects the victims now.

The Guardian had reported in July of 2002 that News of the World had also hacked into the 13-year-old Dowler's phone and deleted voicemails in order to free up space for more voicemails. News of the World boss, Rupert Murdoch immediately closed the 168-year-old tabloid down and attempted to apologize by paying the Dowler family $4 million.

The deletion of these voicemails caused heartbreak to Dowler's family who called Milly's phone in search for her and heard her voice."I rang her phone," recalled Sally Dowler. "It clicked through on to her voicemail, so I heard her voice and it was just like, 'she's picked up her voicemail, she's alive.'"

However, after Dowler's body was found six months later, it was revealed that there was no real evidence that News of the World hacked into Dowler's phone and it remains unknown if they truly did or not.

The hacking scandal officially begun in November 2005 when News of the World reporters had hacked into a voicemail and then published a story about Prince Henry's knee injury. From then on, News of the World's officials went through a whirlwind of destroyed reputations and lawsuits. The most recent case occurred on August 24 in which the Washington Post explains, "U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announce[d] preliminary FBI investigation of possible phone hacking targeting 9/11 victims and their families."

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