Minneapolis begins single-sort recylcing

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Minneapolis began to give our single-sort recycling to residents Monday in an attempt to encourage recycling and allow residents to stop having to sort into numerous containers, Star Tribune said.

The Minneapolis recycling rate is a mere 18.1%, meaning there is "not quite 1 in every 5 households," MinnPost said. St. Paul, on the other hand, has a staggering 46% recycling rate, which can be translated to half of the city's households.

How can this be? MinnPost attributes it to their switch to a multi-source recycling system with every-other-week pickup, in which St. Paul residents place their paper in one bin and the rest of their recyclables in the other. "We increased the recovery rate by 15 to 18 percent," said Tim Brownell, CEO of Eureka Recycling, which serves St. Paul. The switch "gave people more capacity," he said.

By giving single-sort recycling bins to Minneapolis residents, the city hopes to get more residents involved and participating. By doing so, they also hope to double the Minneapolis recycling rate by 2015. Until residents receive their bins, they should continue sorting their own in whichever fashion they choose. The city plans to distribute the bins in two phases: the first phase will be this month, with 30,000 distributed. The second phase will distribute the rest of the bins in the Spring of 2013.

"One-sort recycling will be so simple," said Council Member Sandy Colvin Roy, who chairs the Transportation and Public Works Committee. "It's going to be much simpler for people, and that is why we think there will be a much larger volume of recycling." Minneapolis residents will no longer have to have bags of recyclables laying around the house, instead they will have an efficient system to facilitate a green environment.

According to MinnPost, "the city has already ordered blue 95-gallon carts, and the good news is you get to keep what is left of your old green or blue plastic bin. The cost for the carts, at one per household, is $6.8 million. The cost for eight additional collection trucks is $1.976 million for a total of slightly more than $8.7 million."

Picking up garbage every other week in Minneapolis will remain the same system, however, the new 95-gallon carts will be able to handle "two weeks' worth of materials."

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