University of Iowa athletics official resigns in wake of sex scandal

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An athletic official at the University of Iowa resigned this week after being accused of "trading football tickets and money for sexual favors and inappropriately touching student athletes," according to an article by the Star Tribune.

Peter Gray, associate director of Athletic Student Services and director of academic advising and counseling resigned Wednesday after his sex scandal allegations. His salary for both positions held was $71,297.

According to Delaney's Dozen, Gray had worked for the department since 2002 and had admitted to "various sexual acts and that he couldn't remember with whom and how often along with some other quite disturbing admissions of a sexual nature," author Andrew Coppens said.

The six-page-long document highlighting Gray's allegations was posted on the Iowa City Press-Citizen's website Friday night. According to the site, this was note Gray's first run-in with sexual allegations - he had a history of inappropriate behavior, with two separate occurrences in his department.

"The investigation by the school's human resources and employment offices turned up a long list of apparent sexual harassment violations by Gray, whose duties this semester included one-on-one counseling to members of the women's basketball, men's golf and men's and women's swimming teams," the Star Tribune said.

The University of Iowa Athletic Director, Gary Barta claims that Gray resigned for personal reasons, but the athletics spokesperson refused to comment on the issue when asked by an Associated Press reporter. The Associated Press was also unable to find a phone number for Gray and received no answer when they knocked at Gray's door.

The investigation also revealed that Gray had made sexual comments during a presentation to parents and recruits, in addition to having found the "sexually explicit and suggestive photos on his work computer, including two that involved individuals engaged in sex acts with toys or stuffed animals, numerous pictures of college-aged individuals posing in swimsuits and a few of individuals dressed in underwear," the Star Tribune stated.

There is no information at this time regarding possible charges on Gray.

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