Analysis: The dark side of elephant captivity

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In an article written by the Seattle Times, the author digs deep into the issue of elephant captivity by using several graphics, video, photo gallery and written pieces to further highlight why this is an issue.

The first written piece is titled "Elephants are dying out in America's zoos" written by Michael J. Berens. This pieces showcases different factors in keeping elephants in captivity, especially with their use in zoos. The piece includes photographs of elephants in captivity, one that shows the artificial insemination into a 33-year-old elephant to reproduce more elephants for zoos. Berens' utilization of photographs and why the photograph is significant in the issue of elephant captivity add to the story's pertinence and urges the reader to take action.

The article also features an 8-minute-long video featuring Chai, the 33-year-old elephant who has been artificially inseminated over 100 times. The video also uses a graphic to show the elephant deaths in zoos over the past 30 years. Another graphic is used in the video to show how the elephants are in bred to keep more elephants on exhibit at zoos -- for the pure enjoyment of human entertainment.

Records and data used in the story are provided by the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle featuring several elephant breeding programs and artificial insemination, giving the story more credibility and providing more information for interested readers.

To report the story, the reporter used photography, video, and several graphics that may have been created on PhotoShop or InDesign. By using these graphics, the news organization effectively engaged the reader by providing facts and important details in an interesting format. Reading numbers and data on a page can be dull and lifeless, but using graphics added color and emotion to the story.

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