Schaffhausen's attorney hopes to suppress statements for the murder of his three daughters

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The Hudson, Wisconsin man who was charged for the murder of his three daughters in July appeared in court Monday as his defense attorney asked to suppress any statements that may have occurred after he turned himself in, according to the Star Tribune.

Aaron Schaffhausen, a 35-year-old carpenter from Minot, N.D., was arrested on charges of the murder of his three daughters on July 10 at the River Falls, Wisc. home of his ex-wife. Schaffhausen went to his ex-wife's home to visit his daughters in July and after their babysitter left for the day, Schaffhausen brutally murdered his three young daughters in their beds. According to the Star Tribune, "[Schaffhausen] is charged with three counts of first-degree intentional homicide and arson after authorities also found a gas fireplace turned on and gasoline poured in the basement."

In court on Monday, Schaffhausen's defense attorney, John Kucinski tried to suppress statements made by Schaffhausen after turning himself in in July. In question is the 3 1/2 hour tape of Schaffhausen's interrogation and whether it will be admissable for the trial. The tape was not reviewed at the hearing and may not be reviewed at the trial set for April, either, if the court decides to suppress the statements made by Schaffhausen, including the 911 call and the Schaffhausen's interrogration, according to Kare 11.

"I'm not too sure they can convict him of anything," defense attorney John Kucinski said outside the courtroom during the noon break in response to reporters' questions, according to the Star Tribune. The hearing held Monday at the St. Croix County Circuit focused on Schaffhausen's knowledge of the Miranda rights and the fact that he has been read them before in previous cases in 1991 and 1992.

According to the complaint filed on July 12, 2012, Schaffhausen called his ex-wife and asked to see his daugthers while she was at work because he was in the area. When he arrived at the River Falls home, the babysitter led him upstairs to play with the girls. Shortly after, Schaffhausen's ex-wife received a call from him saying, "You can come home now, because I killed the kids."

Schaffhausen faces the possibility of life in prison for each intentional charge.

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