Pre-game ride


The tire wasn't that low, as it turned out. 40 lbs. I pumped it up to 55 and set out this morning before the USA v Ghana match. I had all kinds of difficulty staying on top, probably because my mind was elsewhere dealing with issues at work. A hill between here and the junior high track threw me off both going down and going up. Usually they aren't a problem. Even the track was a drag. I did 2 miles, but had real trouble turning a circle and heading the opposite direction each lap. I think the surface is pretty grabby when the temperature is high. That's my excuse anyway.

I took a detour on the way home past the Bikery, but no-one was out drinking coffee s I couldn't show off. I tried heading down one of the steep hills into town, but no dice. Eventually I made my way over to one of the several sets of stairs going down the hills and carried the unicycle to the walkway along the river. The water level is still quite high so I rode through on the sidewalk well up the bank. Patrons at the Irish pub hooted a bit when I high sided in front of them, but I pulled off a good freemount and kept going. Of course I had to walk up the hill way I'll be able to tackle those now. I was a rag by the time I got home. Despite all the issues I had while riding, it was wonderful fun.


Oops, the should say "The beginning of February. I signed up on the 3rd."

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