Today's challenge was to ride down a few curbs. I was out riding unicycle around the university neighborhood and tried making the drop from sidewalk to roadway. Well, I actually only tried three times, and landed two of those, but not with confidence. I realize curbs aren't that tough, but they are a mental block that I think comes from worrying about pedal position. Truthfully, the height of the curbs I'm riding down isn't that great, so pedal position isn't a big deal, but I make it a big deal. One of the things I was trying to do today was to find a long stretch of curb, come at it from an angle and try to time is so that I could do a bit of a jump. I think if I tried this 20 times it might get me over my issues with making the drop. Maybe I'll do that another time when there isn't so much traffic.

The rest of the ride was mostly about trying to warm up and stretch the muscles that were a bit sore from the Sunday ride. The gravel on the experiment station paths felt like riding on rolley ball bearings compared to the packed dirt and loose sand of the Gateway. Toward the end of the ride I was having seat pain issues so I was working on taking pressure off my crotch by supporting myself with one hand, then the other. I tried putting both hands on the front handle, but I don't have good enough balance to keep them there for long.

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