Leaves are falling

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Last night I notice for the first time that the leaves are starting to fall. First ones down seem to be the ash from the big tree near the driveway. Harvest time.

This morning I rode the Gateway Trail from Jamaca to the end at Point Park, a round trip of about 12.5 miles. I think that's my longest. I'd like to get up to a half marathon this fall.

I can't say I specifically learned anything new on this ride. It was more about practicing skills like body position during ups and downs, balance, position on the flats. On one flat section I I bucked off the top when some sand sucked in the wheel. I had to do a bit of a roll when I hit the dirt. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable ride through fallen leaves.

Here's short vid of me going and coming, trying to keep hands quiet. You can see that I tried out Sam's Camelback for the first time. Worked fine.

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