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  • While my balance on the unicycle has improved, I'm not convinced that this has crossed over to improved balance off-unicycle. Maybe I can stand on one leg a bit easier.

  • I like the diameter of circle that my feet follow with 150mm cranks better than the diameter of the circle from 125mm cranks. It feels more like what I'm used to on a bike, I think the leverage is better for XC hills, and my knees hurt less after long rides.

  • Darren Beford told me in August that I'd never regret buying (from him) a Kris Holm 29" unicycle. So far he's right.

  • The style of riding I like to do...dirt trails with moderate called "cross country" (XC). I think I'll pass on hopping rocks, 45 degree descents and "skinnies" that are part of mountain unicycling. But I do need to find some more challenging trails than the Gateway, which is really a rails to trails corridor, so little abrupt change in elevation.

  • I always wear a helmet and KH gloves with wrist support. I never wear knee or shin protection. Darren recommended sixsixone 4x4 knee/shin. Maybe after I have a bad fall. I haven't had a bad fall that requires more than rolling. Knock on wood. I like going slowly enough that I can usually run off the unicycle when I am bucked off.

  • After five months of steady riding (maybe 3x a week) I can comfortably do a 12.5 mile ride on the horse path of the Gateway Trail.

  • The unicycling I do isn't nearly as physically demanding as if I were to run the same distance. It isn't as demanding as if I ran for the same amount of time. So running would be more efficient. However, I'm very motivated to ride and less motivated to run.

  • I focus on these things when I ride: hips forward, quiet hands, balance over force, rhythm, watch out for sand.

  • I like the Big Apple tire for XC. And road. If I were always in the dirt and mud, I'd put on the Stout.

  • I still can't idle. Maybe that's because I don't practice idling very much. I'm going to go do that now.

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