Day's End


After teaching and marking assignments today until about 5pm I left the office, stopped in the gym to change into my riding gear, and on the drive home stopped at one of the parking lots along the Gateway Trail. I had been thinking all day about riding the Gateway up to 75th street and back, so I did.

The first few hills beat me. The wet mud and sand didn't help, but I was also tired from the day's work and I realized I rarely ride this time of day. On the return leg I had way better balance and took some shots with a Flip video camera that I take with me now on rides.

At times during tonight's ride I felt more gung-ho that usual, was less worried about falling, and just got my butt under me and rode hard. I had the feeling on one of the flat stretches of getting out in front of the forks with my center of gravity, and it felt great, like flying.

Here's the video I made from the segments I took during the ride. It is about 10MB so downloading may take a while.

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