Wind? Nuts!

The State Fair closed last night and the Fall semester opened this morning. I took the unicycle out after my noon class and rode the campus/experiment station circuit which includes a bit of trail through the state fairgrounds. There were gates up around the midway area, so I followed a lane along some parking lots and past a kiosk where a parking attendant sat. About 50 m past the parking kiosk I heard a guy calling "HEY", then another "HEY" and I wondered whether he was trying to get my attention and keep me from riding through the grounds. I didn't turn around and no shots rang out, so he must not have meant me. Besides, shouldn't a guy on a unicycle be commonplace at a fair? Kind of circus-y after all.

On my way out of the fairgrounds a Volvo wagon with sunroof went past. The driver had the roof open and was sticking his big paw through it giving me the thumbs up! I've been getting lots of supportive comments in the last few weeks on the Gateway and now at the fair.

The ride back takes me through the experiment station and it was there that the wind hit me. I've had trouble with wind before on the station roadways, and today it happened again...big, heavy gusts that make so much noise in your ear that you can't hear yourself shout. I wish I could say I handled it, but I did dismount once when I lost control. Riding in heavy wind is a good learning experience. Its the gusts that get you, not the constant pressure - in the same way that undulating and rutty paths get you, not the long constant uphills.

While on the station I stopped to check the bean and peanut plots, and dug a peanut plant to see how the pods were maturing. Below is a pic of the harvest from one plant. The pods are reasonably full, and the seeds inside are nearly fully formed. If we have some decent September weather I'm sure we will have a successful crop...maybe one of the most northerly peanut crops in the world!
peanut campus 7 Sept.JPG

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