Video 56 0 01 48-18.jpgI've enjoyed October this year. Mostly dry, sunny, reasonably warm for Minnesota. This morning I got away for a late morning ride out to the trail and back for a ride of a bit over 12 miles of mixed road, paved trail and dirt trail.

What I learned today was that some of the first advice I got is still good advice to follow when I'm having trouble with something. "Put your weight on the seat" was helpful for me to remember and follow when I was feeling out of balance on the steep camber on some of the roads today. It also was worth remembering as I ascended some longer hills. Stay down in the seat, pump with your thighs and make small circles with your feet. Next thing I knew, I was up some pretty long and steep hills.

Regarding road camber, I find that in those situations I have good luck in keeping good balance and cadence when I sit a bit more on the edge of the seat toward the high side of the camber. It almost feels as if the seat post is angled toward the low side and I'm riding on the high edge of the seat. Then I have to think about pedaling with a longer leg stroke on the low side and a shorter leg stroke on the high side. It sounds very convoluted, but it all comes together pretty well and results in good control and pace through those steep camber sections.

I didn't ride all week due to weather and work, so I have to admit I'm kinda beat after the ride. Great to get out. Here's some video from the ride.


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