Stalls on the 24

Today I was out to the local hockey rink for some agility work with the 24 inch. The asphalt and boards were recently painted white, I suppose so to reflect the sun, keep the ice cooler and resist melting. I really killed the eyes though - it was a very sunny day and the reflected glare was almost painful. I set up two barrels and did figure 8s for a while. Actually, the first thing I had to do was get used to riding the 24. It felt jiggly, probably because of the lack of wheel momentum compared to the 29, but also because of the shorter cranks. I couldn't pull tight turns. I don't like that Nimbus seat as well as the KH either. They look so similar, but the Nimbus seems deeper, and that doesn't seem to be a good thing as far as control.

After 20 minutes of working on 8s, turns, lengths with hands behind back I had built up enough control to try something new, so I worked on slow riding, stalls, then trying to stall, crank back once, then forward. The plastic pedals don't inspire the same confidence as the aluminum, but I don't worry as much about scraping shins either. Had to do a lot of mounts because of all the dismounts during the aborted stalls. I found that if I was a bit more aggressive in mounting, I would be balanced more quickly than if I were more tentative.

I'm marking an exam this weekend, so I think I'll go out again tomorrow morning. Anything to delay having to face those papers. I wish I could find the inflation needle for the pump so that I could take a basket ball out there and dribble while I ride.

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