Drill baby, drill


I realize that I have adopted the same approach to learning unicycle that I use with other sports. I like to drill.

In the previous post I mention Paul Anderson's videos where he recommends 100 rocks left foot, 100 rocks right......etc. So that is now how I am starting my unicycling day. Indoors in the lab at lunch hour, 100 rocks right, left right leg 1 foot, left leg one foot. It takes maybe 15 minutes and I do it while I'm making a pot of coffee. And I think it helps. After doing those four drills, I do 10 starts left foot down and 10 starts right foot down where I focus hard on doing the best I can. If I do 1 cycle or 7 it still counts as one start. That puts just a bit of pressure on me to get a good one in during those 10 starts.

I said before that I find learning to idle tough. That is still the case. The best I've done is to idle 7 back-and-forth cycles (is that 7 or 14 idles?). And that only once. I've done 4s, 5s, and 6s, but only one 7. And in truth my most frequent is 1. 1, after all this time. Progress is slow, but steady. Maybe by spring I'll be up to 100.

Today once when I got to 3 cycles of idling I briefly had the feeling that I could keep going indefinitely. You know, it was just like when you are riding down the road with confidence. You don't keep thinking, "can I do one more rotation?" You just keep riding. I tasted that level of confidence today, briefly. Maybe again tomorrow. Intoxicating.


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