Today's two sensations


I recall two sensations from my ride today. One had to do with my hips and the other my feet.

Instead of my usual ride to the hockey rink i found another park a little more than a mile away from the gym, rode through the university neighborhood to the tennis court there, and engaged in civil disobedience by riding on the court despite the signs saying no bikes or skateboards. Whatever. It was a rainy day and there was no chance of anyone playing tennis on those soggy courts. Also, I really like the tire grip their textured court surface provides. I did some warm-up figure eights inside the service court and then moved on to practice serial idling along the outside of the court where I could get some balance support from the fence.

Here's where I had the hip sensation. When serial idling, if I could keep my hips square and balanced through one idle and especially during the forward stroke transition to the next idle on the opposite foot, I had reasonable success. I had to strongly focus on squaring and stabilizing the hips through the forward and backward arch, and when I did, it really helped and I could do a chain of four or five idles without needing support. And even more important, I got the sensation that I could eventually reach the point where I could do it indefinitely.

The second sensation, on the feet, occurred on the ride back to the gym. The return ride was all uphill, and steep at times. The 24" that was riding has plastic pedals, and it was a wet, rainy day which adds up to the potential for feet to slide off the pedals at the worst time (like when mounting or straining uphill). To feel secure when transferring sufficient force to the pedals to get up the hills I needed to really focus on keeping the ball of the foot securely and squarely positioned on the pedal, and imagining the force transferred to the center of the pedal. When doing that I had no difficulty with slippage, and I had confidence going up the hills that I wasn't going to slide off the pedal and do a face plant into the asphalt.

Go Canucks!


I'm hoping to obtain my entry for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings comp done this week :)

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