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Bayport ride 27 Dec 2011.jpgMy post Boxing Day ride took me once again out around the Stillwater State Pen in Bayport. Temps were in the higher 30s, with only a bit of packed snow remaining on the north sides of hills. It was a special ride for me because it was the first time I used my POV camera. I set up two mount points: front facing on the top of my helmet and rear facing under my seat. During the first part of the ride the camera was set to video and the second half was set or still shots at 10 second intervals.

On the way back from the prison are two or three long-ish stretches of uphill. Nothing terribly steep, but long. During those stretches I realized that the motion is a lot like working out on an elliptical machine in the gym. Now, to be truthful, I've only worked out a few times on an elliptical machine so I'm no expert, but regardless, the feeling I got climbing the hills on the unicycle reminded me of those times in the gym. Minus the fancy digital workout monitor. I suppose I could have said I felt like Lance getting out of the saddle on the Col du Tourmalet, but that would be quite a stretch of the imagination. Still, the sensation is one of rising up from the saddle and really torquing down on those pedals and when doing so, giving the uni a slight, controlled side to side swing.

My pics have nothing to do with a thigh-burning elliptical romp up a short hill, but rather the play of shadow behind me when touring down the road.Bayport ride b 27 Dec 2011.jpg

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