Century Bridge

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23 June 2012 bridge.jpgThe State of Minnesota built a bicycle bridge for the Gateway Trail so that it crosses over Century Ave in North St. Paul. I drive past that bridge on my daily commute, but I've never been over it on bike or unicycle, until today. Starting from the parking lot on Jamaca I rode the Gateway under Highway 36, Under I94, over Century and turned around at the N. St. Paul snowman for a 10 mile loop.

If you check the date of this entry and the last entry you'll see a nearly 2 month gap which represents how long its been between rides. Yikes! And I felt it on this ride. Wow, I'm pooped. When I get tired I ride with my shoulders forward and butt back which causes all kinds of posture and lower back fatigue. I had flashes of my high school football hollering at me, "Michaels, get your butt under you!!!" as he blew the whistle and had me go one-on-one with another kid one more time. So Coach Moore's demands rang in my ears as I tried to get my butt under me, relax my shoulders but keep them back in line with my hips, and get my weight more on to my feet.

When you read beginner instructions about unicycle riding you read that you should put your weight on the seat. That's fine for learning, but when you are out on the trail you really need to get the weight transferred to the balls of your feet so you can make quick balance adjustments (and so that you junk doesn't get numb so fast).

23 June 2012 dent.jpgThe layoff affected my mounts. After walking up a particularly steep hill I mounted at the top only to go careening off to the side missing a stump and landing in some raspberries on the side of the trail. You can still see the dent in the berry patch that I made with my posterior.

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The area around the bridge is very beautiful and I suppose the feeling to cross it by bike is unparalleled.

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