Fast Feet

oct 14.jpgIt took me a while to get out of the house this Saturday morning and get out to the trail. I think I was a bit wary after my last ride where I had two or three pretty hard falls trying to get up hills. I really don't want to beat myself up, but I still want to get out on the trail. Eventually I gathered everything, hopped in the car and got out there.

The Stillwater boys cross country team was finishing their Saturday run about the time I drove up. It was hard to find a parking place, but since they were finishing their run rather than starting, the trail wasn't crowded. With the light rain and cold October temperatures the trail was nearly empty. First thing I noticed was that I was riding rather fast compared to other times this summer. I suppose it is the running. I worked on turning quick circles with my feet, similar to what I used to do on the track at the Jr High. The trail had been groomed with bank gravel on the hills. This is better than sand, but certainly looser than the packed dirt that was there previously. This time instead of trying to get up the steeper hills I rode as comfortably as I could through the bank gravel and got off when I was stalling. I took two good tumbles that had me rolling and once more was glad I was wearing the 661 shin and knee guards. They've saved my knees several times this year.

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The fall colors are past peak, but still it was a very nice ride. I'm a bit sore tonight after the tumbles, but happy to get out and shake off some of the fear from the previous ride. Here's a video coming out of the tunnel under Highway 36.

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