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Thyme and quantity


WHAT: A group of thyme plants
WHERE: my home in South Minneapolis
SO: This is a picture of my thyme patch, which is not a single plant, but many that I planted from seeds. This summer I trimmed them back after they flowered, and they started growing again. An important quantitative element to these plants is the number of leaves that are on it. Since thyme is an herb, a desirable thyme plant would have vigorous leaf growth. You may notice that the plants in the back are taller than those in the front, also a quantitative measure. This is due to the way the sun shines in the window....an environmental influence.


Thanks for the confirmation - growing thyme for the first time in my hydroponic garden, I decided not to thin out the five that sprouted as they looked like they'd do well in a group and would give a better yield.

I'm in St Paul and think it's cool you were the first google result for "thyme plant in group" as I attempted to confirm my intuition that thyme is best grown in groups!