Week 13 - Orange Juice

IMG_2878.JPG Florida's Natural Orange juice is a prime example of marketing using the location as a marketing tool. Florida is known for its great oranges. I only drink this brand because I feel that it tastes better.

Week 13 - Wine

IMG_2875.JPG This is Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley - This winery Robert Mondavi - uses the cultivar as Cabernet Sauvignon and the location of production as Napa Valley to signify the quality of the wine. I personally like the wines that come from Napa Valley, but I have a preference for Sonoma County wines.

Week 11 - Plant

IMG_2842.JPG I found this under our deck where my grandma planted a few small flowers under the beams. The ones closest to the beams still are alive. I think the deck has sheltered the plant from the heavy snowfall directly on the plant.

Week 11 - Roses

IMG_2838.JPG These are the roses that my grandmother planted in front of our house. Usually there is no green by this time of year, but it seems because of the unusually warm and slow winter the flowers are only slowly dying.

Week 10 - Flower Horizontal Cross Section

IMG_2861.JPG This is the same lilly but a horizontal cross section. There seems to be only one carpel, and not many fused carpels.

Week 10 - Flower Vertical Cross section

IMG_2853.JPG I received this lilly for my birthday, and I was able to cut it open and label all the parts that I could. It was hard to cut the ovary portion vertically, but as you will see in my next image, it was quite possible to cut it horizontally.

Week 7 - Variegation

IMG_0025.JPG This plant seems to have LI mutation.

Week 7 - Variegation

IMG_0024.JPG This seems to me like L III mutation. I found this plant and the next one in my friend's house.

Week 6 - Telophase/Cytokinesis

IMG_2852.JPG During Telophase the spindle fibers disappear, new nuclear membranes form around the daughter cells, which now contain the same amount of chromosomes that the original cell did in G1 interphase. Their form is relaxed (during metaphase the chromosomes are most condensed because they get ready to be split appart at anaphase). A new cell wall starts to form in between the daughter cells.

Week 6 - Anaphase

IMG_2850.JPG Anaphase: During this phase the spindle fibers drag the sister chromatids of each chromosome to opposite poles of the cell.

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