Potatoes and beans

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Russet Potatoes.jpg
This, unsurprisingly, is a bag of potatoes. In fact, they are the Russet Burbank cultivar of potatoes. Supposedly they make good french fries. They do have a different mouthfeel than other potatoes, so there is a difference between cultivars. They were probably grown in Idaho, the most potato-y state, but I didn't question the Roundy's people to find out.

And these are beans. Amazing, I know. The black beans and the great northern beans are as labeled. The baked beans are made from white beans, or so said the ingredients this morning when I read them.
Obviously, different breans have different colors. Other than that, I've never done a side-by-side tasting of different beans, and have never actually noticed a difference myself between beans. As the internet tells me there are differences, and I have a base assumption that people aren't all insane, there probably is a difference.

Oh! I figured out what was wrong with the computer/camera system.
The camera clock is ahead, so the pictures didn't show up until the time on the computer was past the time on the pictures. Fun!

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That computer vs camera clock thing is nuts! How did you figure that out?

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