Week 5 - Fixing my hair drier

IMG_2843.JPG an experience The problem I had was a broken hair drier. I was drying my hair when it suddenly stopped working. reflective observation After careful observation, I noticed that the vent on the back of the drier looked clogged. I also noticed that the unusual sound that came from the blow drier before it stopped working, came from that direction as well. hypothesis building I thought that if I open up the drier and clean out the vent from all of the excess dust and material that had accumulated in it, then it would work much better. Nothing else seemed to be wrong with it. experimentation. I actually took apart the drier and cleaned out the vent. I was surprised at how much excess material can be collected in a blow drier. When I put it back together and plugged it in, it did not work. I assume it was because there was a part of the drier sitting next to me and not inside... :)

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