Future of Favre is uncertain

The future of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is uncertain after the Vikings loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Favre told Espn's Ed Werder that a return next year is "highly unlikely" after the game. But not so fast. The future hall of fame quarterback also said that he is going to give it a few weeks to think his decision through before he comes up with a final answer.

Teammates of Favre, like wide receiver Percy Harven, think that he should return for one more year, according to the Star Tribune.

Vikings coach Brad Childress is not going to rush Favre into a decision anytime soon. He said that the wounds need to heal both physically and mentally before both sides can come to a final agreement, according to Espn.

Meanwhile, what Favre did confirm was that if this was his last game that he went out on top even if he didn't make it back to the Super Bowl, according to Espn.

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