Toyota stomps on the brakes

A factory defect is causing Toyota to halt the production of a majority of their models until the problem is resolved.

A Problem occurring with the accelerator pedal sticking, which causes the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally, is making Toyota halt the production of eight models starting Feb. 1, The New York Times Reports.

Toyota group Vice President Robert Carter told The New York Times that the actions taken by the car company were very necessary until the issue is resolved.

The problem with the sticking accelerator has led to reports of fatal car accidents, including one in Texas that killed four people, according to USA Today.

The recent announcement comes at a very bad time for Toyota, due to the recent recession. The automaker is going to see two of its best-selling models be put on hold, Camry and Corolla, because of the issue, according to USA Today.

According to The New York Times, Paul Lunsford, who is the general manager of a Toyota dealership in California, said that even though the recall is going to hit their sales negitively Toyota did the right thing in implementing a recall.

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