Ex-inmate dies from frostbite

A Minnesota man, who is suing the Ramsey Country and New Brighton Police Department for failure to give care to his frostbite injuries, died earlier last week.

Patrick Uzalac died Wednesday at his sister's home in Iowa from natural causes, according to the Star Tribune.

Urzalac, 43, filed a lawsuit against both police departments last week, due to failure of providing care to frostbites on his feet that he suffered after locking his keys out of his apartment in January, according to the Star Tribune.

When the police found Urzalac outside of his apartment, they realized that he had an outstanding warrant and arrested him. Urzalac asked for medical attention to his feet, while in custody, but the jailers ignored his request, Urzalac's lawyer Robert Hajek said, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office claims that Urzalac received medical treatment, while in custody, according to the Pioneer Press.

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