Tattoo regulation

Rep. Julie Bunn, DFL St. Paul, recently authored a bill that would require body art establishments in the state to be regulated by the Minnesota Department of Health.

In the bill Bunn called for certain standards that must be met by the establishments. Sterilization for needles, gloves for the body artists and the correct metals for body art jewelry were some of the things mentioned, according to the Star Tribune.

If the bill is passed, then the Minnesota Department of Health would be responsible for licensing body art establishments, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The new legislation is mainly aimed towards creating consequences for establishments that don't adhere to regulations, according to the Daily.

"Rep. Bunn is willing to understand our industry," Jon Boy said, owner of Dinkytown Tattoo and a tattoo artist of nine years, according to the Daily.

The bill was reviewed Wednesday by a health and human services House committee. It was passed by two other panels earlier in the year, according to the Star Tribune.

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