Uganda lanslides kill over 100

Recent heavy rains caused landslides in Bududa, Uganda, which have killed over 100 people.

Minister for Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru sent the Ugandan army to the Bududa region to help with rescue efforts, according to The New York Times.

Ecweru was informed that the latest death-toll was 106 people, with over 300 still missing. The Ugandan government has provided 100 coffins, so that the deceased can be given a decent burial, according to the BBC.

This is nothing new to the Bududa region, where landslides are common to the area. What's new is that Bududa rarely sees a fatality rate this high caused by landslides, according to The New York Times.

There is no end in sight. Ugandan officials reported at least another month of rain, which means things will get worse before they start getting better, according to the BBC.

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