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The story about the Maoist attacks in India on the BBC website is very accurate according to Ravi, who is of Indian descent.

"The BBC does a good job of providing the right amount of background information when they report," Ravi said. "Whenever I read stories on the CNN Web site about India they always manage to link every story to every problem involving India has something to do with Pakistan."

The quotes and facts used in the story accurately depict exactly what is going on between the Maoist rebels and the United Progressive Alliance. It also does a good job of giving insight into what is going and between the two sides and why the Maoists are attacking, according to Ravi.

Ravi, 21, is a student at the University of Minnesota. He is currently majoring in political science and says he reads the BBC Web site every morning to get his news. Both of his parents are of Indian descent

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Nice job keeping up with these blog entries. You are consistent.

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