Teenager pleads guilty to armed robbery

A teenager plead guilty last week to two counts of first-degree aggravated robbery, which occurred Jan. 25. One of the robberies happened on the University of Minnesota campus.

Derrell Jacori Cole, 17, was sentenced to a juvenile program, probation, and stayed prison time Monday after he pleaded guilty to his charges. One of the guilty pleas was in connection with the robbery of two students at Moos Towers, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Police say that Cole crimes he committed on Jan. 25 are also in connection with the shooting of U of M student Timothy Schumacher. They are still investigating the incident, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Cole will not have to serve six years in prison, if he does not get into anymore trouble before he turns 21, according to the Star Tribune.

A 21-year-old was arrested in February with Cole, about two weeks after the robberies, but was eventually released without being charged, according to the Star Tribune.

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