What is the world coming to?

A St. Paul man was charged with assault for beating up a quadruple amputee because she was blocking his view of a t.v.

According to police officials, Jacoby Laquan Smith, 33, was charged with fifth-degree assault and interfering with a 911 call after he got angry with his roommate and beat her up because she blocked his view of the t.v., according to the Pioneer Press.

The victim told police officers that Smith threw her to the floor and punched her in the face more than 10 times. When the she tried to call 911, Smith took her cell phone away from her, according to the Star tribune.

The victim persuaded Smith to take her to a nearby gas station, so that she could put ice on her face. Once Smith overheard that the police might of been called, he fled the scene, according to the Star Tribune.

The woman was "very frightened" of Smith because he had a key to their apartment and her cell phone, according to the Pioneer Press.

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