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Response to Blog Prompt 6

The following image is an example of how a simple (or maybe not so simple…) mathematical function can be used as a design. This is just two logarithmic spirals on the same graph, and together, they form a beautiful design that also serves as a logo for the Winterheart company.

The shape below is an example of how mathematics, in particular, geometry, can use angles, circles and lines to make a design that is pleasing to the eye. This is supposed to be a representation of what a vortex would look like in form.

Math face
The image below takes the example of the vortex to the next design level incorporating an organic shape along with the geometric ones.

This is another example of how to take geometric principles and turn them into a design. This shows the connection between mathematics and a real designed object.

Green sphere
This takes mathematic principles and uses a computer to turn them into “real? designs. Using formulas (more complicated than I can possibly imagine, I’m sure) you’re able to make pictures out of numbers and symbols.

3D pretzel
This image takes the principles from the previous picture (yet again) and builds even more on them. Instead of just a sphere, this is a pretzel-like shape that twists around itself in all three dimensions. You can even see the formulas on the left-hand side of the image that the person used in order to create it.

3D bird
This is actually supposed to be a moving image, but only the still frame is visible. Again, this is another way to build on the previous picture. It takes a three dimensional picture and adds movement, using computers to make the math possible to design virtual images.