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Today's weather: Rainy with a high of 62 F; a strong cold front will drop temperatures into the 20s-30s overnight.

Today's weather in Madrid: Fair, high of 86 F, falling to 54 F overnight.

Today's weather in Rehovot: Scattered clouds, high of 96 F, overnight low of 69 F.

Going offline in a moment, and apparently not a moment too soon. So long, suckers! Enjoy the winter.

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yes, i am here on milligan's blog...reading about the weather. i know i said i wouldn't visit, because, really, what to i care about israel...but milligan's threat to start a thread 'bout me has made my involvement a matter of my own self-interest.
its raining now...me happy.
onwards---to ta meeting !!!
(or not ;-) )

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