Three Disjointed Paragraphs


So the Red Sox overcame their curse. Or (as one banner-waver in the stands suggests), Ruth has forgiven them. Either way, cool, baseball-historically speaking. Although I wonder how long it will take Bostonians to adapt their mentality to being metaphysically victimized fans no longer.

The lunar eclipse was pretty, incidentally, but we can discuss eclipses in some other post, so as to avoid further encouraging the tired astronomy/astrology yuk-yuks.

I've got a couple of real posts drafted and almost ready to go, but since the Series ended around 6 am local time, I'm probably not going to finish any of them today. I'll be in Tel Aviv for some or all of the weekend, so hopefully we'll have more photos next week, but maybe not much posting before then. So in the meanwhile, go admire John's photos of astronomers carving pumpkins. My department at its finest. And slimiest. Too bad we don't have Halloween over here.


I have found you, you sneaky bitch! Does it feel as safe in Israel as Alan Keyes professes?

I wasn't aware that posting a blog about my travels counts as being "sneaky," as you may recall that my usual MO has been to eschew conveniences like cell phones and to travel by Greyhound. Of course, maybe I'm actually posting this from your back porch in a grand scheme to make you think I'm in Israel. You never know. Heh.

Anyhow, I'm not sure what Keyes' latest pronouncements on conditions here have been. He's endlessly entertaining, but when you're polling 50-odd points behind your opponent in a regional race, it's just hard to break into world news coverage.

However, I would say that people here generally feel safe in the near-term, where by "here" I mean everywhere except Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In those cities there's a bit more palpable anxiety. Largely unjustified, if you ask me; the traffic's still the most dangerous thing. Longer term, I think the big worry is whether Israel is doomed to be at war forever, or if someday it will get to be a normal country too.

You'd get more people to follow that pumpkin link if you labeled it "Astronomers wielding knives." :)

yeah...that was the astro dept. at its best. however, on their way out, one of the pumkys oozed in the office. be glad your not here, the office smells like...while i wont go there.
thus the window has been open all evening, at least its 65 degress outside!!!


Hey Milligan, I sited your boss this morning. Have you guys perfected matter-energy trnasport or has he abandoned you in Isreal?
FYI continuing the saga of the pumpkins, one of them got left in the reading room over the weekend and turned itself and part of the table to a mess of goo. Oye! LR and GO were slightly displeased.

Under the blood red moon, the stigmata showing, the Red Sox winning... one has to wonder who sacrificed what for that to happen.

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