Oh, Canada!

November 4, 2004, cover of the UK Daily Mirror, a popular London tabloid.

Over the past 36 hours or so, any number of friends and acquaintances have made some crack or other about expatriating, generally to Canada. Seems like a nice place, after all. Their leaders are generally reputed to be intelligent, sane, and not ideological relatives of Sauron. Many of them did the same four years ago, when faced with a far less dire situation. We learned the words to "Oh, Canada!" and everything.

Naturally, they're (you're) all still in America. You don't just quit school or a job and start over in another country because you suspect that the newly elected administration is incompetent or evil. But what if the re-elected administration manages to be both incompetent and evil? And what if I find myself already in another country, at a good school with a decent job?

It is with this backdrop that I make the following announcement: I will be returning to the United States in the spring, exactly as scheduled.

Now Israel clearly has problems of its own to contend with, but I'd be saying the same thing if my advisor had sent me to Paris. As briefly satisfying as it might be to consider taking my ball and storming off the playground, it's not like the theocrats would miss me. More importantly, it will in the long run be far more gratifying to stand and resist them; the forces of ignorance and greed have declared war on us, and the Enlightenment is at stake. I won't have it said that I sat that out, or that I abandoned my compatriots.

So there are plenty of reasons to return. Vast quantities of ink, especially of the virtual variety, have been spilled to belabor this point already.

Is this young voter the dreaded enemy? Hardly. More like the principal victim. I hope my rather lengthy comment responding to that post demonstrates how simple a case she should be, if only we could reach her and a million like her in Ohio. It's that second trick that is the key. What I can say in a brief essay, a skilled message master can probably condense into a short, catchy slogan. But then that meme has to break through the static and register. I don't know how to do that. Sooner or later, someone will have a really good idea, and we won't know how good it is until someone else gives it a try.

We're looking at four years of trench warfare just to limit the damage; if we hope to put a stop to this madness eventually, we'd also better find a way to sneak a voice of reason behind enemy lines. All this is going to take a lot of hands, a lot of voices. Mine will absolutely be among them.


Well on the other hand, many of us are here in this country precisely because our great great grand parents decided they had enough of the Kaiser's draft or the potato famine or whatever. They left homes and jobs and fortunes behind. People do it all the time, particularly in the face of economic catastrophe, which I fear is still a very real possibility now.

I'm not committing to anything right now, but I hear that Eithiopia is kindof nice.

americans: a ticket out
canadians: uh, no pressure or anything


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