So he's dead. For real, this time.

Local coverage can be had in English at Ha'aretz or the Jerusalem Post.

The BBC's story is also useful, and the reactions noted in their reporters' log are interesting to track.

On days of great calamity, legends tend to report the sky blackening. The Palestinians have taken matters into their own hands on this front, and are burning tires all over Gaza and Ramallah. It is reported to be rather dark. Ick.

No need to worry that I'm going to wander off to the Territories to investigate. They've completely sealed them off. I'll post more when I have some idea of what's going on.


Just curious, are you getting news about anything else over there? I imagine the answer is, "no" but thought I'd ask.

I suppose the short version would be probably that I know what you know. There's no indication that violence has picked up in the way the Israelis were fearing, and some signs that the new Palestinian leadership is actually functioning, for now. Supposedly they'll have elections in January and everything. Sharon's administration is already digging in its heels to resist being pressured into talking to them.

I'm a bit skeptical of the claim that Israel waited until Arafat's death to re-arrest Vanunu to avoid press coverage, since the result was that every newspaper on the planet covered it as a sidebar to the Arafat story.

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