Here's hoping everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving. It's just work as usual here, of course, although I'll be having dinner with a Czech-American-(something slavic) family this evening after my Hebrew class gets out.

Me, I'm thankful that nobody seems to have gotten hurt yet in the Ukrainian election crisis. Although I'd have been exceedingly tickled if anyone had managed to instigate a general strike to protest the American electoral shenanigans. Oh well.

In other news, it would seem that pumpkin pie just gets no love from some quarters. Personally, I like the stuff, although it's no match for a good slice of pecan pie. But I'm not really up on my pie scholarship.


Late update:

There seems to be some disagreement in Blogistan over the relative merits of pumpkin pie. But, since pumpkins are not to be found in this region of the world, perhaps I'll give Kabocha squash pie a whirl. Or yam pie. We've got those in spades.


Pumpkin pie is only a vehicle to feed addiction to all-spice.

Blaspheme, Martin! Pie, pie, pie!

....I want pumpkin pie...didn't get any on Thanksgiving...

When there was all this pie left over at Gerry's on Saturday, we were all like, "Where's Probinson?"

Pumpkin pie beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, for sure. But I'll take the Pecan pie anyday too.

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