A well-worn trilingual roadsign on the road into Jerusalem. 2004:11:28 13:50:05

Busy couple of weeks, it's been. The fellowship application took me offline for a bit, of course, but that's not the cause of the more recent radio silence. This past week was mostly tied up with preparations for a collaborators' meeting in New York, at which I'll be one of a dozen or so people giving slide shows on various aspects of the EBEX design. Being funded and all, you see, it's come to our attention that we should probably get to work at building something, in which case we should settle on a design before starting to fabricate rather expensive parts. Or at least make sure we're talking about the same parts.

So tomorrow it's off to the States again.

But I did promise stories of my recent adventures, sometime long ago. One is that I did make it back into Jerusalem, and have importantly figured out how to do this without the aid of a car. Which was a nice breath of hope that, at least after I get back in a couple of weeks, I won't be quite so confined to Rehovot. Now go be distracted by the pretty picture and thus fail to notice that I don't actually have time for storytelling just now.

The "modern" wall of the Old City, looking toward the Jaffa Gate. 2004:11:28 14:31:39

It being Hanukkah, I've attended numerous candle-lighting type events, mostly of the menorah-on-kitchen-table variety. But I also helped organize a full-blown Hanukkah bash for the dorm, which featured an odd combination of bad American music, Orthodox Hasidic volunteers bearing a giant menorah, flowing libations, and more jelly donuts than most donut shops. (You had to be there.)

Okay; you're updated. Now just to keep Xylo happy, everyone look around and ask where Poochie is (who?), and I'll go back to making slides.

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