Merry Christmas

I blinked and suddenly it's Christmas Eve!

Normally, south Texas has much the same climate as central Israel, but you wouldn't know it from the weather since I've been here. Which has given me an excuse to keep a merry little fire going in the Franklin stove. Otherwise my stay in San Antonio has been a blur of decorating, cooking, sorting out relatives' travel woes (my sister is no longer a big fan of Northwest Air, and is now more familiar than she'd ever wanted to be with the Oklahoma City bus station), and generally pulling off the family's annual caroling-slash-Posada-slash-Christmas party. Being as the air temperature has been hanging about just on the toasty side of freezing, attendance was low, but fun was had. Wimps. The wind chill back in Minnesota last night was flirting with that magical point where the Farenheit and centigrade scales cross.

But I can't complain. They don't even have Christmas back in Israel.

Photos of wedding, caroling, and whatever else strikes my fancy, once I have time to sort out getting my laptop online properly.

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