Change of Plans


I must confess, the prospect of diving into Methods five weeks after the semester began was starting to loom somewhat daunting. And on the reverse side of that coin, I was just coming to the disappointed realization that I would be leaving this place before I'd gotten to see any number of interesting things, and just as I was managing to feel like I'd gotten my bearings.

Change of plans. New date of return is unknown, projected for late spring or early summer. Discuss.


Well damn Milligan because I was starting to talk about you coming back as a decent excuse for me to throw a party. BTW, we're going to start an office pool on your return date.

Yeah, I don't know if I like this plan. Get back here. The Wok said they were going to close because you haven't been around for so long.


Office pool? Cute. I hereby propose that the winner has to buy me a beer.

Paul, tell those folks at the Wok to hang in there. Seeing as how they pretty much have neither shrimp nor Chinese food in this country, I'm looking forward to chowing down there when I get back.

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