Lightly Wounding Time

Dashing as my here-chronicled exploits must sound to the casual observer, the sad truth is that I spend most of the hours on most days1 in a subterranean office, fiddling with simulations or tweaking design parameters. Of course, there's some web browsing involved as well2. Since I like this week's posting tempo but don't have time to work up a full post, here's a selection of what's amused me in the past few days.

Sonoluminescence turns out to be a nifty way to make your very own miniature star in a simple beaker of, well, concentrated sulphuric acid. But for sheer phonological merriment I have to give this week's science cake to the discovery of shrimpoluminescence.

My weakness for the monocle-and-persian-kitty set was tickled when I belatedly ran across the lamest shadowy conspiracy ever.

For a more serious example of messing with the grand levers of power that still managed to crack me up, here's one way the Democrats could retake the House in one fell swoop.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that they're still starting the revolutionaries out young3 in my old home town. Plus, my Dad once taught at one of the schools involved.

Later, dudes.

1 More than 12, anyway. But I boldly defy Israeli convention and take a two-day weekend like a civilized person.

2 And four or five multi-hour conference calls per week, but I try to block those out.

3 Warning, that link can be pretty slow. San Antonio's not exactly the hub of the cyberverse, after all. I mean, it's only the world headquarters of Verizon!4

4 Also, footnotes amuse me today.

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