St. Patrick's Day

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A field in southern Israel, being absurdly verdant. 2005:02:19 13:36:32

St. Patrick's Day is yet another fond holiday that is sadly lacking in Israel. Tempting as it is to go around pinching people for not wearing green (this would be everyone, actually), I think I'd just be getting strange looks.

They're kickin' back green margaritas in San Antonio. Connor's got your coverage of the festivities in Chicago. As for myself, there's an Irish-ish pub down the road a way, so I'll have to pop down after work and grab me a Guiness. Perhaps while affecting a ludicrous Irish accent. (By the by, this post is much funnier if you read it with one.)

For those of you far enough north that green is not yet a widespread color, here's a wee reminder of what it's like. Despair not, me laddies and lasses. Spring'll be around before you know it.

1 Comment

There is no such thing as a green field at this time of year, anywhere on the planet. You clearly photoshopped that image in an attempt to deceive me. Didn't you see it snow the other day? Sheesh. How dumb do you think I am?


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