Purim Claus

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After the Purim costume party. Myself as Purim Claus, with Naomi going as, basically, herself. 2005:03:25 01:33:25

It has happened on more than one occasion that Israelis have referred to me as "Santa." They are obviously unfamiliar with such traditional features as white hair and a jovial nature. Nevertheless, having about ten minutes to prepare a costume for last night, and given the already conflictingly juxtaposed holiday environment of this weekend, I decided to run with it. It was pretty much that or Arafat.

I don't have a red fur coat. So sue me. But I swear I've seen Santa pictured wearing green as well, although I don't know about canvas being his springtime fabric of choice. Nevertheless, a pillow in my coat, some talc in my hair, and with a sack (of underripe lemons) slung over my shoulder, I was reliably taken for either St. Nick or Hagrid. I call that a success.

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Less Santa and more a Young Hagrid.

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