Weekend Bat-Blogging

It's not clear to me whether this bat has a severe sunburn, or if it's just some funky flash effect that gave this fellow such a rosy glow. 2005:04:01 21:50:20

It turned unarguably warm this week, repeatedly dashing past a glorious sunny 80°F. Naturally I spent most of that time in my subterranean lair, but that's the life of an astronomer for you. The insects are happy, though, and have been buzzing about in great numbers to take advantage of the barely annual spate of warm-but-not-yet-dessicated air. This makes the bats happy, too. They've moved into the trees lining the street by my dorm.

If I were faster, I could probably get nice action shots of them shooting past my balcony. But from up there, I can't seem to see them coming in time to aim the camera. Even from the ground it's a pretty hit-and-miss operation, you know.

Close enough to see the hair on his chinny-chin-chin. And my, what long toes you have! I'm particularly proud of this one. 2005:04:01 21:50:43

This crop of bats is particularly fearless. Although they do quiet down when a big group ambles by, they seem to think nothing of diving for insects over the heads of all manner of folks coming and going from my dorm. Actually, that's how I noticed them last night. Shouts of indignation from someone who'd just been clipped by a bat.

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