Mediterranean Dusk

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We get some pretty decent sunsets here, of course, but dusk is also rather colorful. This shot was a 1-second exposure taken about a half-hour after sunset from the top of the accelerator tower (through a clear patch that I meticulously cleaned on a very dirty window). It was part of a largely unsuccessful series of attempts to photograph Mercury last month. My theory on that is that since I'm looking out over the Mediterranean here, the line of sight passes through a long thick layer of moist and turbulent air, resulting in more scattering and opacity near the horizon than you'd otherwise expect. 2005:03:18 18:23:01

Connor thinks he photographed Mercury last month. He's usually pretty good about checking these things, but it definitely wasn't that dark when Mercury was setting here. But he's also a lot farther north. I'd have to think a little more to decide what effect that should have.

Fluff post today. I'm heading out early to go grocery shopping and then file my taxes.

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I might have been wrong about Mercury, though my book did say to check about a half-hour after dusk.

That said, it's always spotty in Chicago, and there was a giant building blocking half of my view. I could have very well been mistaken. :o

~ Connor

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